Lower Left Back Pain Causes

lower left back pain


Lower left back pain is pain located on the lower and left quadrant of the back. Pain on this area may be described from nagging and frustrating pain to severe and debilitating. The huge differences of the pain found in this area may be due to the different possible lower left back pain causes. Here are some of the common:

Muscle pain and muscle injury

The muscles located on the left lower back may become very painful due to strain or injury. These are possible after strenuous exercise or severe exertion due to lifting heavy objects. The muscles on this area can only hold so much strain and any severe exertion either by lifting or pulling something very heavy and cause muscles and ligaments to break and tear.

Spinal conditions

The bones and the ligaments of the spine may also inflame and cause pain on the area. This may be due to pulling or lifting something heavy, inflammation of the tissues that are located in the area and so many more. Any of these conditions may lead to terrible pain and discomfort. Specialists often recommend treatment according to the symptoms present.

Kidney conditions

Suffering from back pain is a common symptom in people with kidney conditions. The presence of kidney stones is the most common reason and this may be accompanied by painful urination, changes in the amount of urine, blood in the urine or mucous in the urine and fever. Conditions like kidney stones, infections and abnormal growths in the structures of the kidney may all cause pain and inflammation. If you suffer from lower left back pain and the pain is accompanied by these symptoms, you should seek consult immediately.

Reproductive system conditions

Pregnant women begin to experience back pain and lower left back pain as her unborn child grows in her belly. The pain may increase as the baby increases in size and weight and bears down on the muscles and tissues of the back and the spine. Pain may also be present if there in infection present. Treatment is often focused in the relief of pain in a natural way. The anxiety of the mother may also increase the pain and thus reducing anxiety is also one of the goals of health care providers.

Any abnormality like tumors of the uterus or the ovaries can lead to pain. Inflammation of the structures of the reproductive system may also cause pain as well as abnormal menstruation (heavy or scant menstruation and short or prolonged menses), abdominal pain and fever. Ectopic pregnancies or pregnancy that develops in other areas aside from the uterus may cause severe back pain as well as lower left back pain. Lower left back pain causes like these need immediate medical attention and pain may only subside when the cause has been treated.

There are more lower left back pain causes; be sure to monitor your symptoms to efficiently look for the most suitable solution for all your symptoms.


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What is Lower Left Back Pain in Women?

lower left back pain in women


Women seem to be more prone to develop lower left back pain than men. This is because certain life stages in women make them more susceptible in developing this common symptom as well as the demands of simply being able to perform her daily tasks and activities.

There are so many causes of lower back pain but pain that is located on the left lower part of the back may be more significant since it covers a specific area of the body. There are several organs and tissues that are located within the area plus adjacent ones that may also radiate pain to the left lower back. Only a specialist will be able to diagnose lower left back pain in women and to provide the most appropriate treatment based on a sound diagnosis.

  • Muscle pain and tissue pain on the area is common in women after strenuous exercise and heavy lifting. Muscles may strain and the spine may also inflame due to strenuous work and may radiate towards the left side of the back. Usually, rest will relieve this type of pain hence exercise and lifting must be done efficiently to be able to prevent pain and other discomfort in the future.
  • Pain may also be due to pregnancy which may be the result of bearing a heavy belly. The muscles of the back strain and since the baby grows in length and increases in size, the pain and the pressure on the back and on the left side of the back may also increase as the delivery date nears. Pregnant women may also develop infections of the kidney and the urinary bladder which may aggravate the pain felt on the lower left side of the back. Pain is reduced with the use of pain relievers that are safe for the mother and the unborn child. The use of natural remedies and methods should also be done instead of relying on medication.
  • Pain on the lower left side of the back for women may also be due to abnormalities of the reproductive system. A very common one is endometriosis or the inflammation of the lining of the uterus. Pain may radiate to the abdomen and towards the back which intensifies unless the inflammation is resolved. Tumors that grow in the uterus, the ovaries and other structures of the reproductive system may also have symptoms of pain along with irregular menstruation and noticeable decrease in sexual performance. Unless abnormal growths are removed, pain and other symptoms may also never resolve.
  • Pain may also be due to conditions of the kidneys like kidney stones, inflammation of the kidneys, renal failure and growths like tumors. Pain on the lower left back is commonly related to the kidneys but a complete medical check-up must be done to totally confirm. Back pain along with symptoms like changes in urination and the amount of urine, presence of blood or mucous in the urine and fever will help diagnose Lower Left Back Pain in Women.


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